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Elevate Your Every Sip From Organic Teas To Citrus Bliss

  • All Natural

    All our tea leaves are 100% natural, we prepare each and every one individually to make sure you are getting the quality Foxy Tea Shop is famous for.

  • Relaxing

    Everyone knows how comforting & relaxing a nice hot (or cold!) cup of tea can be. All of our teas have been chosen for their natural relaxing effects & to promote well being.

  • Creativity

    Foxy Tea Shop boasts teas ideal for crafting mocktails or cocktails, with top picks being Nana Berry and Hibiscus.

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About Foxy Tea Shop

Foxy Tea Shop was born out of the search for pleasurable moments that nourish the heart and soul. My desire was to create a range of organic tea blends that felt restorative, tasted delicious, and was the kind of cuppa you could indulge in on your own, or share with loved ones...

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